Foreign nationals who wish to visit Mongolia must obtain a visa of appropriate type corresponding to the purpose of their visit. Nationals of those countries which have concluded visa exemption agreements with Mongolia are not required to obtain a visa if the intended period of the visit is not beyond the period allowed under such arrangements. For more information, please see “LIST OF VISA FREE COUNTRIES”. / List of visa-free countries /

In order to apply for a visa, you must submit your visa application at a Mongolian diplomatic mission (Embassy/Consulate). Location and contact information of the diplomatic missions can be found on the following link. / List of Mongolian diplomatic/consular missions /

Important notice: If your intended stay in Mongolia is beyond that of the period allowed under the visa exemption arrangements, you must apply for an appropriate type of visa before you travel to Mongolia.


Tourist visa

- Completed application form;
Temporary visitor for up to 90 days
- Passport in original (must be valid for a minimum of six months before your intended travel to Mongolia);
- 3.5×4.5cm photo (the size of the photo is mandatory);
- A copy of hotel booking or accommodation information in Mongolia
- A copy of flight/train tickets or reservation confirmation and confirmation letter from the travel company
- Proof of visa fee payment (the fee is non-refundable);
- Proof of sufficient funds, i.e. bank statements for the recent six months (if necessary);
- Copy of a Swiss residency card or residence permit for non-Swiss applicants
- Self-addressed envelope with a stamp for registered mail (if applying by post)

 Optional requirements:

         - Copy of Swiss resident permit/card for holders of a non-Swiss Passport

         - Travellers by vehicle (car, bus) must present:

         - Itinerary/map plan;

         - Vehicle ownership document/certificate;

         - Vehicle not-for-sale declaration form (available at the Customs of Mongolia);

         - Dependent(s) of a citizen of Mongolia should present the documents below in order to be exempt from the visa fee (shall pay only Service Charge).

         - Copy of Family booklet, proving relationship with a citizen of Mongolia;

         - Copy of National ID card or Passport of a citizen of Mongolia;

Please note that the spouse of the citizen of Mongolia will not be exempt from the visa fee.

Self-addressed envelope with a stamp for registered mail (if applying by post).


Important notice: Visa officer may require you to submit additional documents in order for you to prove the purpose of your visit.
With a regular tourist visa, you may stay up to 30 days in Mongolia. It may be extended for a further 30 days at the Immigration Agency of Mongolia if you apply for an extension not less than 4 days before the duration of your visa expires.


Citizens of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Vatican (36 countries in total) are eligible to apply for a Mongolian e-visa through  
Citizens of the above countries to stay in Mongolia for a period of up to 30 days are able to apply online for 3 categories of visas:

- K2: visa for tourist;

- K4: visa for participants in sports or cultural and art events, as well creating films and content;

- K6: visa for transit (up to 10 days)

The Electronic Visa Application System offers the following features: E-visa applicants are no longer required to visit the nearest Diplomatic Mission of Mongolia in order to submit in person their passport and original supporting documents. Instead, they will receive the e-visa by email within 72 hours. However, applicants are advised to hold a digital or printed version of their e-visa to present to airlines and Mongolian border officials when traveling to Mongolia.

Foreign nationals not in the above-listed countries are required to submit their visa application at the nearest Embassy of Mongolia.

Other types of visas (Business, employment, student, etc)

- Completed application form;
- Passport in original (must be valid for a minimum of six months before your intended travel to Mongolia);
- 3.5×4.5cm photo (the size of the photo is mandatory);
- Visa permission* by the Immigration Agency of Mongolia (more information from 
visa permission ( )
- Proof of visa fee payment (the fee is non-refundable).

Official/diplomatic visa

- Completed application form;
- Passport in original (must be valid for a minimum of six months before your intended travel to Mongolia);
- 3.5×4.5cm photo (the size of the photo is mandatory);
- Visa permission* by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia;
- Official request by the sending authority or Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Foreign diplomatic missions;
- Visa fee may be waived depending on the purpose of the visit.

* Visa permission must be applied by a person/entity that is inviting you to Mongolia prior to your expected arrival and you may apply for your visa only after the permission is issued and notified to the relevant diplomatic mission where you will submit your visa application.


- Tourists who are coming from these listed countries are eligible to obtain on-arrival visa at the airport in Ulaanbaatar or Mongolian border points;
Transit visa can be applied at Mongolian borders if the applicant has an onward flight/train ticket or has obtained a visa, if applicable, of the country he or she plans to visit immediately after Mongolia. (Transit visa allows for a stay up to 10 days in Mongolia).

Important notice: To avoid longer processing times, travelers are advised to complete the application form prior to their arrival in Mongolia. The Visa fee shall be paid on arrival.

Visitors coming to Mongolia for a purpose other than tourism may only be issued an on-arrival visa if the following requirements are met:

- You must have an inviting person/entity who must apply for your on-arrival visa approval at the 
Immigration Agency of Mongolia prior to your expected date of arrival;
- Official/diplomatic visitors can be issued an on-arrival visa if the on-arrival visa approval granted based on request of inviting government/public organization applies for your at the 
Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.

Designation, validity term, duration of stay, and the number of entries of a visa are all different depending on the type of visa.
Please find more information about Mongolian visas from 
visa-total (

Important notice: Foreign nationals are required to provide their biometric details at the border control when entering Mongolia. Individuals, hotels, etc. who are providing accommodation must register foreign nationals online through 48-cagijn-brtgel ( within 48 hours.

Visa fees:

Please note that visa service fees vary slightly depending on the average exchange rate of the Swiss franc against the U.S. dollar from the previous month.

Current exchange rate for consular service: 1 USD = 0.9942 CHF
(source: Bank of Mongolia)

Current Rate Valid Through:                     30/11/2022


VISA FEE-November

Visa type

Tariff (USD)

Tariff (CHF)

Single entry visa



Double entries visa



Single transit visa



Double transit visa



Multiple transit visa



Multiple entries up to 6 months



Multiple entries 6-12 months



The visa application is processed normally within 3-5 working days upon reception of the complete application. However, please be advised that the regulations could require up to one week for processing.

It may vary depending on the volume of demand during the peak tourist season.


Visa fees must be transferred to the following ING bank account of the Embassy. Credit or Bancomat card payment is not available at the Embassy. Please note that cash is not accepted and payment is not refundable.

BENEFICIARY: Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the UN
ADDRESS: Chemin des Mollies 4, 1293 Bellevue GE
IBAN: CH 09 0024 0240 3815 8000 W
POSTAL: 80-2-2


Consular Section’s Working Hours:  From Monday to Thursday, between 09.30-12.00 and 14h30-16h30.

Mongolian National Holidays in 2022 (Embassy is closed on these days):

01 January – New Year Day;
16 February --Mongolian Lunar New Year;
8   March – International Women’s Day;
01 June – Children’s Day;
10-15 July – Mongolian National Naadam Festival;
08 November – National Pride Day;
29 December – National Independence Day;
31 December – New Year’s Eve;

Contact by e-mail:

Tel: 022-774 1974